Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation in St. Louis, MO

Your search for a successful skin pigmentation treatment stops right here with the skin care specialists at St. Louis Skin Solutions. We are proud to provide you with Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation in St. Louis, Missouri. This is a revolutionary age spot treatment that uses multiple laser wavelengths to reduce pigmentation as well as broken capillaries. It also encourages collagen growth, which in turn softens existing facial wrinkles.

Most often this treatment is performed on the face and neck, but it can also be used on the chest, arms, and hands. The laser light treats the surface of the skin and penetrates beneath it by using dual wavelengths. The pigmented areas absorb the light where it is changed to heat. This causes a breakup in the pigment. The longer wavelength then penetrates beneath the surface to eliminate spider veins and broken blood vessels. The laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in the blood and then collapses the unwanted vein.

For skin toning, the shorter wavelengths treat the surface pigmentation, such as age spots, freckles, and rosacea. All of this encourages new collagen growth while smoothing out existing fine lines and wrinkles. It is extremely important to apply a moisturizer with SPF30 sunblock to avoid sun exposure to minimize future sun damage.

Non-ablative laser procedures are used to treat pigmented areas of the skin, such as sun spots or facial vessels. It is appropriate to use this treatment in treating rosacea, sun damage, nasal vessels, acne, and for the rejuvenation of the hand, neck, under-eye, or décolleté areas. Some information to keep in mind when it comes to our Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation treatments include:

  • A Topical Application of Anesthetic May Be Applied Prior to Treatment—For Specific Treatments, the Physician May Administer Injectable Anesthetic
  • Multiple Treatments Will Likely Be Required
  • Future Treatments May Be Required to Maintain Results
  • UV Light Exposure Inhibits the Results of Laser Treatments—Daily Sun Protection Is Essential
  • Risk & Side Effects May Occur, May Be Temporary or Permanent, & May Include: Pain, Irritation, Edema, Burning, Blister Formation, Short-Term Redness, Stinging Sensation, Itching,
  • Bruising, Infection, Lightening or Darkening of Skin, Scar Formation, Herpetic Skin Eruptions, or Poor Cosmetic Outcome
  • Serious Complications Are Rare, but Possible.

Contact us for more information about our Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation services. Our skin pigmentation specialists are ready to treat patients located throughout the St. Louis, Missouri, area.