Hollywood Laser Peel in St. Louis, MO

The Hollywood Laser Peel in St. Louis, Missouri, is also known as the Spectra Peel. This skin lightening and melisma treatment, performed at St. Louis Skin Solutions, addresses uneven pigmentation in the skin while tightening pores and reducing oil production to give you a more radiant complexion. Work with our skin care specialists to learn more about the benefits of this impressive treatment.

How Our Treatment Works

Laser energy is used to reduce visible pigmentation in your skin while improving texture and reducing pore size. A Spectra “peel” can be helpful for acne reduction as well. In a three step process, the laser, combined with special carbon lotion, is used to help control inflammation while reducing sebum production and inducing skin cell turnover. Spectra can also be used for tattoo removal.

Helpful Reminders About Our Laser Peel

  • Multiple Treatments Will Yield Best Results
  • Future Treatments May Be Required to Maintain Results
  • UV Light Exposure Inhibits Results of Laser Treatments; Daily Sun Protection Is Essential
  • The Patient & Technician Both Wear Protective Eyewear to Reduce the Risk of Eye Injury
  • Risks & Side Effects May Occur & They May Be Temporary or Permanent
  • Side Effects May Include: Pain, Irritation, Edema, Burning, Blistering, Short-Term Redness, Stinging Sensation, Itching, Bruising, Infection, Lightening & Darkening of the Skin, Scar Formation, Herpetic Skin Eruptions, or Poor Cosmetic Outcomes
  • Serious Complications Are Rare but Possible

Contact us to improve the look of your skin through high-quality melisma treatments. Our skin lightening services are available to patients located throughout the St. Louis, Missouri, area.