Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment in St. Louis, MO

For years, platelet-rich plasma treatments in St. Louis, Missouri, have been used to treat individuals with sports injuries. Now, skin PRP treatments have been shown to have an impressive effect when helping individuals improve the appearance of scars, wrinkles, sun damage, and even dark circles under their eyes.

Thanks to the healing properties of a PRP facial, the skin care specialists at St. Louis Skin Solutions have decided to add it to our collection of ways to help you regain the youthful, healthy look you want for your face.

The Real Results of a PRP Facial

Patients are finding that a platelet-rich plasma treatment is an effective way to treat many of the most common signs of aging. With lasting results, this treatment is proving to be a smart alternative to surgeries and other methods, especially when you consider the lack of serious or persistent side effects.

When combined with microneedling treatments, a skin PRP treatment proves to be even more effective. Make sure you reach out to our friendly, helpful skin care specialists to learn more about the best ways to get the results you are after when it comes to removing wrinkles, sun damage, scars, and other blemishes.

The Lasting Effects of Regenerative Medicine

Some skin care treatments only last two or three months, but PRP facials are proving to be more long lasting than that. How is that possible? Well, the plasma stimulates the skin’s stem cells, which helps your body create more collagen, grow new cells, and literally rejuvenate the skin. Through the weeks and months after your treatment, your body continues to create new collagen. This enables our skin PRP treatments to last between 18 months to two years.

When you are looking for a treatment that helps you stimulate new cell growth in your body while eliminating wrinkles and other blemishes, then you want to try out our platelet-rich plasma facial. This is a natural way for your body to heal itself without the use of chemicals or foreign substances. A better-looking you is just one appointment away.

Contact us for more information about the PRP facial process. We look forward to working with patients located throughout the St. Louis, Missouri, area.