Silikon 1000 in St. Louis, MO

For many years physicians, skin care specialists, and patients have sought a material that could be safely injected beneath the skin to fill out depressions, lines, and wrinkles. At the same time, considerable effort was being spent to develop a material that could be surgically implanted to correct larger defects. Silicone appears to be a material that is well-suited for both uses.

Blocks of silicone carved into various shapes, as well as silicone sacs containing a gel form of the material, have been widely used as implant materials in all parts of the body. The liquid form of silicone is a medical grade of silicon oil called Silikon 100. In St. Louis, Missouri, St. Louis Skin Solutions is looking to provide these silicon injections to help you improve your look.

The Development of Silikon 1000

Silikon 1000 was originally developed and used to correct retinal detachments. Breast augmentation represented the major market for large amounts of injectable silicone. However, the major producer of injectable silicone ultimately decided that the expense of the required government studies made it economically unfeasible to continue to produce silicone fluid intended for injection. The decision was NOT based on problems with the material as investigators studying the problem actually found that silicone appeared to be a very safe material when used properly.

There are now clinicians who have more than 20 years of experience in the use of injectable silicone who claim there have been no serious complications from its use. Furthermore, there has been no indication from research or clinical use that would indicate that there is any risk of silicone or causing cancer. Similarly, there has been no indication that Silikon 1000 injection therapy is at all detrimental to a patient’s general health

Risks & Advantages of Silikon Injection Therapy

Patients who choose to have Silikon 1000 injection therapy must understand that it is not approved by the FDA for use as a dermal filler. It is approved as an intraocular injection. This does not, however, make the use of injectable silicone illegal. As in the case with any form of medical treatment, the decision as to whether or not a patient chooses to have the treatment depends on the patient’s informed consent and understanding of the potential advantages and risks of a given treatment.

When a patient undergoes Silikon 1000 injection therapy, there are no special preparations required. The skin is cleaned and a small amount of the product is injected in the desired location. It is unusual to achieve the desired result with just one treatment. More commonly, to several treatments may be required. Injecting the material in small amounts over a series of treatments allows for accurate placement of the material with a minimum risk of “overfilling” the area.

Injections will always be separated by a period of several weeks to allow the physician and patient to observe and evaluate the effect of the previous injection treatment. After each injection, patients can massage the area as directed per physician for several hours after to aid with an even disbursement of the Silikon 1000.

Silikon 1000 injections can be used to fill in soft tissue defects in the face. These can be the result of growth abnormalities, injury, or aging. A frequent indication is to fill the skin to smooth out wrinkles that occur with aging to improve the appearance of sagging skin, thinning lips, deep wrinkles, and frown lines.

There is often a mild inflammatory pain response at the injection site, but this usually subsides quickly. It is possible, though unusual, to have slight bleeding from a Silikon 1000 injection. Bruising in soft tissues may occur after injection and last up to several days after injection. When injecting any product into the human body, allergic and systemic anaphylactic reactions may occur. Allergic reactions may require additional treatment. No medical procedure can be made entirely risk-free.

Long-term experience by many clinicians has indicated that Silikon 1000 injection therapy has very high margin of safety. Complications can occur. The most commonly reported complications include lumpy or nodular appearance and the development of localized infections called granulomas. Nearly all of the complications reported have been related to injections of massive amounts into breast tissue. However, there have been reports of similar types of problems related to facial injections. Most experienced investigators feel that these problems are related to injections of too large of amounts of Silikon 1000 injected into areas too rapidly.

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